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19th December 2022

Why a Local Restaurant Gift Card Makes The Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect present for any given occasion isn’t always easy. What do you get for the person who seems to have absolutely everything? How do you mix things up without risking disappointment - and what can you do to avoid giving someone the same old clothes, sweets or games year after year? The answer may well lie in a simple, local restaurant gift card.

Gift cards are fantastic present options in and of themselves as they give tons of choice to the recipient. When it comes to restaurant gift cards, too, the receiver can go ahead and spend their cash on whatever they fancy from a local menu - on food and drink.

Why give the gift of local restaurant food and drink?

It’s safe to say that many of us don’t get the time we’d like to go out and enjoy ourselves. Work and family commitments can eat up a lot of time - and while these are certainly crucial, it’s nice to try something different every now and again. By giving someone a local restaurant gift card - such as for the Tickled Trout - you can be sure that you’re giving someone permission to try a bit of ‘me time’!

Restaurant gift cards really open things up, too. You’re not choosing gifts, meals or drinks for your loved ones yourself. Therefore, there’s no risk of disappointment, and for you, there’s less stress in trying to get that perfect gift just right! Your loved one can go ahead and choose what they want, knowing it’s all bought and paid for.

There’s also the fact that gift cards for restaurants are great for adults of all ages. Putting money aside to spend on ourselves - on the occasional day out or holiday, for example - isn’t always easy. Whether it’s for your sister, your husband, your dad or your grandma, you can be sure a gift card will give them a delicious choice of dishes and drinks to pick from.


Tickled Trout gift cards - the perfect present?

Deep in the heart of Derbyshire, there’s nothing quite like taking time out from rambling and sightseeing to stop for a home-cooked meal and a fresh pint of whatever you like. Even better, of course, is sampling all of this without having to pay a penny!

The Tickled Trout is pleased to present and accept gift cards you can provide to friends and family for any occasion or purpose. We’ve set up a range of cards in various denominations, meaning whether it’s for Christmas, a landmark birthday, an anniversary or just a nice chance to spend some time relaxing while on holiday, you’re sure to find something to fit a variety of tastes.

By spending a gift card at the Tickled Trout, your loved ones will have their pick of our carefully curated menus and delicious drinks selections. Rather than having to pay for their Christmas or birthday meal out of their own pockets, all they need to do is present a gift card for scanning.

You can load up your gift card ahead of time online or in the pub - all you need do is enquire to learn more when you come and visit us.

You may have visited the Tickled Trout before and simply want to give your loved ones a chance to try out our cuisine and ambience for themselves. Why not, indeed!


A timeless experience

Let’s face it - some presents and gift ideas really do age badly - and get boring after a while! Not everyone’s happy to receive the same old presents, whether it’s a bottle of something nice or a box of chocolates. These gifts are great in moderation, of course - but what if you have loved ones who really want to try something new?

By giving your friends and family local restaurant gift cards, you’re helping to create a wonderful memory. They may choose to spend their gift credit on a fancy new tipple, or to try an old favourite cooked and prepared by our award-winning kitchen team. The fact is, giving a local restaurant gift card is a little bit different! There’s no complicated gift wrap, either - a mercy for everyone involved!


Load up and come on down!

The Tickled Trout is a wonderful family pub nestled deep in the heart of Barlow, Derbyshire. With a gift card, you’ll be able to sample our carefully prepared recipes and enjoy a tipple or two without having to pay a penny. Struggling for the perfect gift idea? Give your loved ones something to chew over - down at the Tickled Trout!