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20th September 2017

Tempted to a little retreat?

A year ago we plumped the last cushion and hung the last picture and opened the doors of ‘Little Trout’ and ‘Wellside’ – our beautifully refurbished holiday cottages.  Having a rare moment to reflect on this in my busy life it is safe to say you really do forget to appreciate what is in your doorstep.  Yesterday as I replenished the freshly baked bread in the cottages, I flicked through the visitors’ book. Comments that stood out for me were; ‘beautiful village’, ‘stunning countryside’’, ‘pretty riverside walk’ and ‘a sea of pink rhododendrons’.  The funniest was ‘it really was a big one’- I presume they are talking about their fishing trip to the village trout fishing lakes!

Inside our cottage home

These comments inspired me to take half an hour with Frankie to have a wander rather than have a meeting indoors like we usually do. The sun was shining and the colours were vibrant with the promise of stunning autumn golds and reds across Monk Wood. Apart from the sparrow hawk who nearly knocked my block off it was a quiet relaxing oasis in a manic day.  So there really is no place like home and it was good to remember that Barlow really is a great little village and only a stone’s throw from the Peak District and Chatsworth alike. Barlow is nestled in a typical quiet Derbyshire valley but it certainly has its lively times! Carnival in August is an experience not to miss and the 3 well dressings are some of the best in Derbyshire. So if you are interested in experiencing Derbyshire at its best check out our luxury cottages, and of course I can highly recommend the pub next door!!!