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6th July 2017

The Rise of Gin

Recently we learnt that in the UK gin outsold beer. Gin distilleries are popping up everywhere and a Cornish gin won the best gin the world award in the USA recently.

2016 was declared “year of the gin” as annual UK sales exceeded £1bn.

Our experience has certainly reflected an increase in demand. After our successful Gin Festival, we discussed why the sudden interest. Maybe it’s the different tastes and garnishes, but maybe it’s the science of it all, the thought that goes into it and the geographical location of it. The garnishes are important as they’re perfecting the finish of the taste. Now it’s more and more important the quality of the tonic that is used. With the rise of gin we have seen the rise of different premium quality tonics from a lot of different brands. A lot of gins specify what their preference of tonic is but it is also a question of personal preference to the discerning gin drinker so variety is also needed.


Gastro Pub gins used

Each distillery has its own secret recipe and they are also presenting them in lots of different and beautiful bottles. You can now spot your favourite gin by the design of the bottle before you could probably read the label.

On asking my front of house team what’s the key in making a good G&T it was clear the quality of serve is fundamental. Frankie’s steps to a good gin and tonic include; choosing the right glass, ice (and more ice), match the tonic to the gin and get the garnish right.

We have seen that the traditional highball glasses are not used that often now. Gin and tonics are widely presented in glasses similar to bulbous red wine glasses. It allows the ice to be mixed better with the cocktail to get it to the premium temperature and not allowing the ice to melt too much and the drinker can get a good smell of the bespoke aromatics in that gin making the olfactory nerve go into overdrive creating a nostalgic reaction. Smell is very important, the tongue only feeds back limited information to the brain so you need to be able to smell what you are consuming to get the best taste.

We regularly organise gin tasting evening with the gin makers, John from Robin of Locksley was here and we sold out of tickets for two nights within 2 hours. It was a fabulous couple of nights so please keep an eye on the events page or register your interest and we can contact you as soon as we have another one booked

So far we have had over 60 different types of gins from all over the world on our bar and our Barlow Gin Festival was a huge success that we intend to do again next year and possibly at the end of the summer, so watch this space. So from all the gins we have had, here are some of our favourites from some of my team…..

Frankie: Buss 509 Persian Peach gin, Fever Tree aromatic tonic and a slice of orange

Francesca: Slingsby Rhubarb gin, light Fever Tree tonic and raspberries

Jack: Silent Pool Surrey Gin, Indian tonic water, pear slice and juniper berries

Mine: Blue Bottle Guernsey gin, Fever Tree elderflower tonic and a slice of pink grapefruit